Preserving sight is crucial and if done earlier in life can save self a lot of trouble. Most people spend a lot of hours every day in front of some kind of monitor. Whether it's the TV, computer or smartphone, tablet and so on, eyes take on a lot of pressure without even noticing.

Out of all of our senses our sight is the most valuable one probably.

Our computer glasses are just what need to protect eyes and vision from the daily exhaustion. The blue light emitting from monitors can be really bad for eyesight so need special lenses to protect the eyes from it.



High quality and light

These blue light blocking glasses are designed for a comfortable, daily wear with a durable yet light frame and additional coatings to provide UV light blocking. The lenses are also anti-scratch, anti-reflective and even anti-glare. High quality protection with our computer glasses!

Low color distortion lenses

Most other glasses on the market are with heavily tinted lenses which usually distorts the viewing quality. Our computer glasses have a low distortion lens that is specially optimized to provide the perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality.

Sleep better

The computer glasses protect eyes for a better and more restful sleep. Blue light drastically inhibits the melatonin levels in our body which affects our mood, focus and most especially sleep patterns. Use Ourcomputer glasses so don't have to worry about losing sleep.

Why use our glasses?

Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to light emitting sources can cause eye strain even ache and impair vision as a result. That can also lead to trouble with sleeping.

Wearing our computer glasses blocks out the damaging blue light that comes from different light emitting devices. If work at an office these glasses are ideal for .

The glasses are also ideal for people who like to read at night with a low light source which can be extremely straining for the eyes. The glasses give a clearer vision and allow eyes to relax.


Free Items Included :

1 × Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

1 × Blue Light Testing Card

1 × Leather Glasses Case

1 × Blue Light Torch

Computer Glasses

  • About our product:
  • Light, durable, high quality computer glasses
  • Top grade, comfortable frames
  • Block out UVA and UVB light
  • Block out harmful blue light
  • Low color distortion lenses
  • Enjoy a restful sleep
  • Price: € 13.99


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